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ZDA Visits Central African Energy Corporation

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Recently the Zambia Development Agency took time to tour the Central African Energy Corporation (CARE) demonstration site in Shantumbu area on a fact finding mission.

The tour was meant to help the Agency understand and get firsthand information on the fuel project.

So far the company has invested over US$250 000 in research and the construction of the demonstration plant which is currently able to produce 600 liters of fuel per day.

The company is not only producing the much needed FUEL which is very key in propelling economic development but also contributing to making our cities clean by clearing the piles of used tyres and plastics in our communities.

Government is interested in supporting such innovative ideas that bring solutions to the challenges that citizens are facing.

The Zambia Development Agency through the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and other government institutions are watching the project closely and working with the proprietors to see to it that the project is given the necessary attention.

The tour was a follow up after the a meeting at Zambia Development Agency which was chaired by the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga who wanted to understand the bottlenecks that have delayed the Central African Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd from commercializing their fuel project.

The Minster wanted to understand the challenges so that government can come up with interventions to support the company and many other innovative businesses including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are struggling to commercialize their businesses.

CARE is a Zambian Company run by Zambians and is producing fuel (Diesel and Petrol) from old Rubber Tyres and Plastics.