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ZAMBIAN Fashion Designer NkandaYatu Launches Winter/Fall Collection With Luis Munana

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Nkanda Yatu is a well-known international fashion label in Zambia founded by Head Designer Nkandu Kabaso and is popularly known for its stylish, high fashion, and exquisite patterned suits.

Nkanda Yatu has continued to expand its international work portfolio with the launch of a new collection in Namibia called “Fit for a King” with Namibian-based designer, entrepreneur, and reality show star Luis Munana, who made his debut appearance in the second season of “Young Famous and African” that premiered on May 19, 2023.

Nkanda Yatu has continued to remind us that fashion has no rulebook. The “Fit for a King” collection is a celebration of style, innovation, and the desire to leave a lasting impression when you wear it. The collection aims to inspire and push the boundaries of traditional menswear. It is specially curated for men who have a strong appetite for fashion and who seek innovative and trendsetting design. It offers a thoughtfully selected range of garments that capture the essence of a king.

The collection effortlessly blends high-fashion aesthetics with masculine sophistication, and working with Nkanda Yatu to tell this story has proven once again that fashion is not restricted by language, borders, or culture. Everyone appreciates great style, and that is why it unites even people with different cultures, which is the most exciting element of our work,” said Luis Munana.

Nkanda Yatu’s collaboration with Luis Munana and the stunning backdrop of Namibia’s coastal landmarks, has brought forth a collection that not only showcases exceptional fashion but also captures the essence and beauty of the African continent said Kabaso Nkandu . The collection was styled by the credible stylist Nadia, an image consultant, and shot by Namibian top photographer Andrew Ingo at different historical tourist sites in Namibia, including The Sandwich Harbour (the incredible mind-boggling landscape of contrasting sea and dunes), the white salt pans, the Namib desert dunes, the jetty, and the luxury Strand Hotel in Swakopmund.

Since the introduction of his fashion label in 2017, Nkandu Kabaso has created an undeniable footprint in the international fashion space with credible fashion showcases at Zambia Fashion Week, Lusaka July, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Windhoek Fashion Week, and Fashion Without Borders in Botswana and South Africa.


Brand : Nkanda Yatu
Designer @Kabaso Nkanda Yorum
Muse : @Luis Munana
Stylist : @Nadiaimaigeconsultant
Photographer: @Ingo legit
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Location/ logistics manager: