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Turkey-produced energy drink finds space in Nigeria’s big consumer market

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Power Black Energy drink, a Turkey made energy drink with presence in over thirty-five countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East has landed in Nigeria. According to the distributors, the product is the first and only energy drink in Nigeria with a hygienic cover.

Introducing the brand in Lagos recently, Ojotobor Samuel, the Marketing Manager of Frisson Nigeria Limited, sole distributor of Power Black Energy Drink in Nigeria, said the product is a premium energy drink that offers Nigerians needed power to achieve their goals with class and finesse.

Ojotobor said as the first and only energy drink with a hygienic cover in Nigeria, Power Black seeks to encourage healthy consumption of energy drinks whereby consumers do not have to finish the can of drink at a go as it can be preserved with the hygienic cover all day long.

The Frisson Nigeria boss said the drink is made with clean water, sugar glucose syrup, carbon dioxide, acidity regulator (Citric acid & Sodium citrate), Taurine, Vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6. These ingredients, according to him enrich the human body with desired energy and account for the positive effect on cognitive performance of every individual.

He added that there is no negative side effect to Power Black energy drink if consumed in moderation and advised Nigerians that it is healthy to consume everything, including water in moderation.

Validating the claims of the distributing firm, a representative of the manufacturer, Ares Gida Manufacturing-Turkey, Recep Yildiz in a statement said Power Black Energy drink is made with finest of ingredients and purest of water and it guarantees good health and energy for Nigerians. He added that the brand is the leading brand in the energy drinks market of countries like Spain, Germany, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Chad, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mali. As latest entrant in Nigeria market, Popoola assured the brand will soon take its leadership position in Nigeria.