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Shais Foods receive a K1 million enterprise support fund from Prospero Zambia

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PROSPERO Zambia has given Shais Foods Enterprises Limited K1.3 million for setting up of a processing and packaging plant that will help create market linkages for over 5,000 smallholder farmers.
The gesture is also aimed at ensuring Shais Foods remains afloat during the coronavirus era.
Shais Foods chief executive officer Mirriam Chipulu said the organisation, which is specialized in the processing of finger millet meal, red sorghum meal, cassava meal, and vitamin A orange meal, is eager to contribute to crop diversification, food and nutrition security.
Ms Chipulu said in an interview yesterday that crop diversification gives farmers alternative crops to grow for consumption, income generation and rural poverty reduction.
“I believe working with women farmers gives them power to be financially independent.

We are very grateful to Prospero Zambia for the support we have received from them.

The first funding was K930,000 for setting up of a plant and training of farmers.

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