Global Spare Part Supplier Depart Takes A Pioneering Step for the Industry: Depart Online Shopping Site shop.departspares.com

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Operating with the awareness that technical support and maintenance play a critical role in ensuring the continuity of milling operations, Depart supports its customers across the world by offering a comprehensive range of professional services such as maintenance packages and remote connection systems in addition to quickly supplying affordable spare parts.

Running its operations within the largest spare part sales and distribution network in the milling industry, Depart adopts a business approach focused on customer satisfaction and quality with over 45 offices and 3 distribution centers across the globe.

As a reliable and powerful business partner for millers around the world, the company enables its customers to make the most of their investments by offering them a wide inventory of spare parts, on-site and remote technical support, and training programs.

A breakthrough marking the beginning of a new period in the industry

Always a step ahead

Effectively and uninterruptedly supporting millers in different parts of the world with its unmatched distribution network, Depart now offers a pioneering service with its e-commerce site which breaks new ground in the industry. Launched on the basis of Depart’s global experience and customer-oriented approach, Depart Shop stands out as a first in the industry.

Operating with a membership system, this site offers a smooth customer experience to users, as well as special offers to celebrate its opening.  Designed with a user-friendly approach, Depart Shop welcomes its first members with a 10 percent discount. Members who benefit from these special advantages can have their spare part needs met quickly and smoothly with the advantages enabled by Depart’s high-level door-to-door service.

About Depart:

Established under Alapala Group, the world-leading grain milling and processing systems technologies company with over 60 years of experience and an expert team, Depart continues taking pioneering steps in the milling industry with advanced spare part supply services.