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FirstWave Group Zambia announces new CEO for Yalelo Zambia

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First Wave sustainably produces tilapia fish in the pristine open waters of Lake Kariba and Lake Victoria.

The low-fat nutrient-rich source of protein, vitamins & micro-nutrients, a great source of food-security for the growing populations of Southern & Eastern Africa.

A robust environmental management system promotes a positive relationship with our environment and in particular the lakes on which we operate.

Their subsidiaries produces both fresh ‘whole round’ and ‘gutted & scaled’ fish for the broader market, alongside processed and retail-packaged products to serve the modern trade sector.

Yalelo has been a leading brand for fresh water tilapia fillets and bream their they distribute over 35 million fish per year through over 50 of their own fishmonger retail stores, traditional markets and most major supermarkets.

The company boasts of a state of art in-house cold-chain distribution network which ensures that at least 150 points of presence are stocked with fresh fish every week.

FirstWave’s vertical integration and production efficiencies mean that they  can supply fish a price point never before possible in urban Africa.

A growing export footprint is now serving an increasing number of neighboring countries.

We are delighted to announce that Ulric Daniel is joining us as the new CEO of Yalelo Zambia as we bring our organization into a new and exciting era of growth.

Ulric has dedicated his career to managing and scaling successful agri-businesses across Africa.

He brings passion, knowledge and dedication to our mission, and we are so excited to have him on board. Welcome to the team, Ulric”