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Dairy Gold, a Group Company of Trade Kings Group Launches Fresh milk Brand:

Reshaping the Dairy Industry

Aimed at contributing to nourishing the Nation, Dairy Gold Limited, an independent Group Company of the Trade Kings Group has commissioned a milk processing plant; launching the milk brand; DAIRY GOLD. The name of the milk brand Dairy Gold is an endorsement of quality, drawing its strength from the corporate brand.
Milk is a vital part of the global food system as it delivers a nutrient-rich package that contains high quality protein, and essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, and vitamins B2 and B12. The proteins found in dairy are in many ways superior to plant proteins, providing a complete source of high-quality protein. As global demand for milk continues to grow, Dairy Gold has positioned to contributing to improving the customer accessibility to locally sourced quality, affordable and available dairy products, particularly milk. This assures contribution to addressing challenges in micro-nutrients required and needed for healthy development of children.
The launch of the new milk into the market creates opportunity of choice for the customers stimulating positive competition: Reshaping the dairy industry in the country.
Dairy Gold Limited is a manufacturer of dairy and processed traditional drinks in Zambia, focusing on the Central and Southern African region as targeted markets. The business is part of the Trade Kings Group, one of the largest independent FMCG manufacturers in Central Africa. Dairy Gold Limited has committed in investing and creating world class dairy manufacturing facilities, products, and brands.

The new plant is a part of the overall expansion program that the Trade Kings Group has embarked on as strategy. Dairy Gold has focused on capitalizing on the opportunities regardless of the challenges to contribute to the transformation of the industry and responding to customer demands. Although the Dairy Gold brand has been synonymous with high quality dairy products and traditional beverages the new focus takes the acquired expertise and quality global standards into fresh milk.
The growth strategy envisions contributing to the transformation of the milk industry which include:

 lower costs – due to economies of scale
 greater buying and bargaining power for the customers; Pricing
 ability to mitigate commercial risks – Diversification
 ability to reduce the threat of competition
 ability to survive market fluctuations and downturns

One of Zambia’s development goals is to diversify its economy from mining to agriculture and other sectors.
With high urbanization and increased demand for livestock products especially milk and other dairy products within Zambia, dairy production provides an opportunity for diversification within the sector.
Dairy Gold has responded to the increasing demand for milk with favorable market conditions that benefit the customers.
Further the business has considered the key factors found to significantly influence milk consumption, which are price, income, the age structure of the population and season of the year.
Speaking during the launch, Group General Manager for the Trade Kings Group, Lux Subramaniam said

We have launched the new milk processing plant this morning as part of our resolute commitment as the Trade Kings Group, to grow the business and provide innovative, quality and affordable products for the Zambian people and the Region.

Our aim is to contribute to the transformation of the milk Industry with very clear action plans:
a. Innovation: We have invested in state-of-the-art technology suitable to produce fresh milk since it is a sensitive product, which requires continuous cooling through the value chain.

Transparency in the dairy industry’s food supply chain is key to gaining consumer trust, from sustainable sources to ingredients and processing claims. We are committed to maintaining our drive and focus to global quality standards
b. Small Scale Farmers Empowerment: We conducted a value chain study on milk availability, collection patterns and practices and resource requirements for the small-scale farmers. Dairy Gold will support the farmers through training and empowerment. We will also equip the farmers through various partnerships to contribute to mitigation of the identified challenges. This will include working with milk co-operatives in various parts of the province.
c. Promotion of localized sourcing of milk: It is our endeavor to collaborate with sector players with an overall aim of introducing professionalism in the dairy industry whilst ensuring processors have consistent quantity and quality of milk supply throughout the year, said Mr Lux.

As Trade Kings Group, we remain committed to contributing to the strengthening of the domestic market as key learning following the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe in the potential in the milk Industry and urge the key stake holders to focus on the following to ensure sustainable growth:

1. Catalyse technology, commercialization of processes by engaging key partners and structuring effective product development, and adoption of partnerships between technology developers and private sector partners (entrepreneurs, SMEs, MNCs). Key again is tapping sources of financing for smallholder farmers, processors, and other value chain actors.
2. Strengthen and scale up design and commercialization practices that focus on technology adoption through early and on-going engagement of relevant stakeholders across the value chain including but not limited to farmers, product manufacturers and distributors.

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