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Buya Bamba adds Ready to Fry Potato Chips and Wedges to their Portfolio

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Buya Bamba has come to the aid of many restaurants and hotels at a critical time, this festive season many will reduce on the cost of importing potato chips and wedges from neighboring countries.

The company is meeting consumer demands as it launches the ready to fry potato chips and wedges.

Buya Bamba is the largest supplier of potatoes in Zambia and now establishing market in Malawi and Congo.

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Buya Bamba Limited has become a major & essential contributor to the diversification of agriculture in Zambia. Providing world class Potatoes in Zambia.
Everything Buya Bamba does is focused on growing the best, and our dedication has made us the leading distributor of table and processing potatoes in Zambia.
We specialize in superior seed supply, growing, harvesting, cleaning, sizing and packaging, as well as, the storage of fresh potatoes to provide our customers with a dependable source of local produce on a year-round basis.
We ensure that home-grown produce meets world-class standards through our partnership with GRIMME.
We are regionally competitive in terms of quality, products and price through maintaining consistency in market supply and meeting demand