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Brands 260 Introduces an instant Shake as they Launch New International Markets

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Brand 260 has introduced an instant shake as the launch new markets in the United states of America.

Disrupting the narrative to set trends in the food industry in Zambia.

”Our factories were certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States in 2021 to start exporting Zambian products to the US. All products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration must meet the same requirements, whether imported from abroad or produced domestically, therefore demonstrating our commitment to adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry.”

The ability to export to the US has a direct positive impact on the economy by earning foreign exchange revenue which is crucial during this pandemic period. The impact on the smallholder farmer supply chain is immeasurable bringing overall pride of exporting proudly Zambian Textured Vegetable protein products to the US.

We are grateful for the linkages from the Southern African Trade and Investment Hub, and our team without which, this milestone would not be possible to take Two Six Zero Brands, to the United States.

Zambia Inc 2021

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