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Balancing Priorities: Navigating Political Turmoils to Tackle Social & Economic Challenges In ZAMBIA

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Balancing Priorities: Navigating Political Turmoil to Tackle Social & Economic Challenges In ZAMBIA.

Mukwavi Changala Sichula -BSc Economics.

In the heart of Zambia, a nation blessed with natural beauty and cultural diversity, a concerning trend has emerged. The battle for political supremacy has overshadowed the urgent fight against pressing social and economic challenges faced by the majority of Zambians.

Political discord and incessant fighting have become the primary narrative, leaving crucial issues such as poverty, healthcare, education, and employment relegated to the sidelines. This imbalance threatens the well-being of citizens and the overall development of the country.

The repercussions of this political dominance are stark. The attention of both the government and opposition appears fixated on scoring points against each other, diverting resources and focus away from the grassroots issues that impact everyday lives. The consequence is a populace left grappling with the very real and immediate challenges that affect their ability to lead dignified lives.
Unemployment and poverty, two intertwined challenges, have reached alarming levels. Further, a divided political landscape hinders the formulation and implementation of effective economic policies. As political leaders engage in verbal duels, job opportunities diminish, widening the gap between the affluent and the impoverished.

To address this imbalance, it is imperative to redirect focus toward the tangible issues that affect the majority and promote community-driven initiatives. To this end, I wish encourage and implore journalists to ensure they stick to real challenges that affect the masses. Media outlets must recognize their role in shaping public opinion and consciously choose to highlight social and economic challenges alongside political developments. By doing so, they can contribute to fostering a more informed and engaged citizenry.

Ultimately, the people of Zambia deserve a government that prioritizes their well-being.

Zambian Youth On The Move!
Changala Mukwavi Sichula holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Trade from Zhejiang A&F University in China.

Born in Mbala and raised in Solwezi, Changala’s leadership journey began at a young age with voluntary community work.

During his junior and senior secondary school years, he represented his schools in several activities of which one was a pivotal 2009 Leadership Training Programme coordinated by the Child Rights Club in Lusaka.

Another was the 2010 victory in an Anti-Drug Abuse Quiz organized by the Drug Enforcement Commission. The founder of We Love Zambia, a youth movement that envisions a Zambia full of patriotic citizens whose loyalty is to the country, Changala is also the Founder of Fortified Men; an organisation that aims to inspire men to be morally upright and responsible members of society.

“I stopped asking who was going to bring the change in our society the day I discovered that I’m the change I was looking for.

I exist to change that status quo!

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