Alliance Ginneries Sets up 3000 Tonnes of Crude oil from Soybean-Prospero

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Prospero Supported Alliance Ginneries sets up 3000 tonnes of crude oil locally produced from soybean extraction

We are excited to see Alliance Ginneries successfully set up a soybean oil processing plant in Kafue and commence production.
The previous farming season saw Alliance Ginneries produce over 3000 tonnes of crude oil extracted from soybean to the local market, creating jobs and income opportunities to over 50,000 soybean farmers.
Prospero supported Alliance Ginneries with investment readiness and technical assistance allowing them to raise $11 million in impact investment to expand into soybean oil extraction and refining.
About Alliance Ginneries
The Cotton Ginnery is located in Kafue town, which is around 40 kilometres from the capital Lusaka where our head office is located. We currently source cotton from 3 regions in Zambia, which are Southern, Central and Eastern.
They are also looking to help cotton farmers by sourcing food crops they grow namely Soya and Maize. The company is currently working with around 27,000 small-scale farmers across Zambia.