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Plant Based Protein Gaining Popularity Across the Industry-Elm Hurst Unveils Creamers

Plant-based beverage company Elmhurst 1925 has announced the launch of its new product, OatNog, as well as two seasonal creamers for the holiday season. 

The company is re-releasing its pumpkin spice seasonal creamer, and also introducing a new flavour: caramel macchiato. These will join the core oat creamers – available in unsweetened, hazelnut, French vanilla and chai spice. With an SRP of $5.99, each creamer contains 1g of sugar and less than 20 calories.

Elmhurst 1925 has also unveiled its brand-new OatNog drink, which is made up of six ingredients including a blend of cashew milk, oat milk and warm spices. The plant-based drink has no cholesterol or saturated fats.

Heba Mahmoud, senior director of brand marketing at Elmhurst, said: “Our OatNog and seasonal creamers are flavour-packed, never-diluted, plant-based options with minimal sugar that are guaranteed to create a delicious and creamy treat every time. Even the most passionate dairy lovers are shocked by how indulgent and delectable these products are, all while remaining plant-based and dairy-free”.

The new products are crafted through a HydroRelease method. Using just water, this process separates the components of a nut, grain or seed before combining them to create a beverage-ready mixture. The process upcycles waste into renewable energy and is powered by 100% hydroelectric power.

The seasonal releases are available now on the Elmhurst website but will also be rolled out in stores throughout September.