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Zambian Startup Fighting Climate Change – Meet Virgin Green Renewable Energy

Transforming organic agriculture waste into valuable Eco friendly charcoal briquettes using simple innovative tools.

The Large scale use of commercial energy has led to better quality of life : However it has also created many challenges, Perhaps the most serious of these are the harmful effects on the environment and climate changes which have negative impacts on all life form and pollution.

In many emerging economies rural setup households and businesses rely on charcoal as a source of cooking. This has continued to affect the control on deforestation .

However innovative entrepreneur is changing the narrative after establishing a company that makes charcoal briquettes.

“Innovation in a time of limited resources is what pushed Lazarous Siwelwa a step further into the right direction.”

Virgin Green Renewable Energy is a startup based in Kapiri Mposhi the company was founded in 2020,with the view to help bridge the gap to meet the never ending but ever increasing demand for charcoal.

The demand for charcoal as it is used in many rural homes,businesses and industries has necessitate an increased loss of our forests every year.

The company using resources and tools available to them made hand-molding machines to start making charcoal briquettes targeting various traders and business owners in Kapiri the company has fast expanded its distribution network through central province to copper belt and Lusaka.

The briquettes are made from agriculture waste such as corn husk,cob and later formulated with a starch like lime.

In an exclusive interview with Zambia Inc the co-founder Mr. Siwelwa highlighted the need to have more entrepreneurs come on board to save the environment through the enhanced eco-friendly business solutions,

the demand for charcoal is yet to meet but if we have for players in the sector we will be saving the environment”

The start-up which is less than a year in operations and has has the potential to establish a market network of many industrial companies in processing, the briquettes burn longer at very high temperature therefore saving household users money while offering industrial users efficient cleaner and sustainable solutions.

The company has gone a step further to innovate the briquette burner for household users, this helps protect the pots as the briquettes burn at very high temperatures.


With the ushering in of the new government the new ministry to overlook matters on climate and environment has been created, we are confident the ministry will incubate such entrepreneurs in programs that support the existence of their ventures.

We need to shift our mindsets from looking for solutions to creating solutions.

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